nOS AMA - August 2019

Sam [ARK Team] *Let us all welcome @Dean [nOS Team] from For those who may have missed recent news, please allow Dean a couple of minutes to provide an overview of the nOS platform. You can then start asking him questions. I'd ask the team from nOS to use @ username to the one responding (no nested threads) and all of the community to give them some time to catch up if too many questions in backlog, before asking more, so questions don't get lost. Please refrain from off-topic conversations, they will be respectfully deleted. Thank you and let's begin!*

roks0n [deadlock] Hi Dean

Nim Are you a security?

Alessio [ARK Advisor] >please allow Dean a couple of minutes to provide an overview of the nOS platform

Ray.Alva (Echo Delegate) Welcome Dean!

Dean [nOS Team] Hi everyone! I'm Dean van Dugteren, founder and CEO at nOS. We're very excited to have established a partnership with ARK and to become the first ARK Core based blockchain in the Powered By Ark program.

nOS aims to facilitate the adoption of new revenue streams for web 2.0 and web 3.0 applications through the use of blockchain technology, powered by the nOS blockchain and complemented by the nOS Browser software.

Both traditional web apps and dApps will be able to leverage these features, with the apps coexisting within the nOS App Store.

The nOS App Store is entirely decentralized and maintained by *curators*, who are voted in by voters (similarily to delegates).

nOS also introduces an Attention Based Rewards system that is entirely open-source and peer-to-peer. It's similar in a way to Brave Rewards but entirely client-side and unrelated to viewing ads.

We're building our decentralized network with ARK Core, and have been working closely with the ARK team for the past few months.

Very excited to be a part of the community and happy to answer any questions. Bring 'em! (edited)

mak Welcome Dean,

How do you compare the plugin based dev approach versus using smart contracts?

Dean [nOS Team] @Nim asked if NOS is a security token.

NOS is a utility token and not a security, audited and labeled as such by top law firms in Malta and the US.

Dean [nOS Team] @mak ARK Core's modular structure is fantastic for blockchain development and incomparable to smart contracts. The ability to add new transactions and modify blockchain logic as developers see fit (e.g. block rewards and what custom data should be stored in wallets) make it a great framework to realize any blockchain-powered project's vision. Upgradability and modular file structure is also something that is quite difficult to do right with smart contracts, but with ARK Core it's basically a built-in feature. In short: it's everything we need to realize our vision, so I expect that this will be the case for many more.

Zappo Hi @Dean [nOS Team] can I ask how will the transition from neo token occur and what will be the total supply of Ark based bridgechain at start? Also what happens if curators don't curate data and just be voted in as curators who will update data if they don't do their work properly?

roks0n [deadlock] How did you start modifying the Ark core for your bridge chain. Are you utilizing plugins, custom transaction (when available) or are you modifing the core packages directly?

spghtz ( / civseed) What qualities would you like to see in a curator?

Dean [nOS Team] @Zappo So there will be a token swap where NEP-5 NOS holders will verify their NOS chain address in the nOS ID app, and then they can swap all their holdings in a single click.

_Technically_ the initial supply is 330,000,000 at the genesis block, but an amount is "locked" (reserved). As NEP5 tokens unlock according to the unlocking schedule (powered by our token's smart contract on NEO), they can be swapped to the native coin once they're unlocked.


Re: `what happens if curators don't curate data and just be voted in as curators who will update data if they don't do their work properly?`

Great question, and one that we have given a lot of thought as well. One possibility we saw was automatically unvoting inactive curators (although this could be exploited, so we decided against this for the time being).

In general we feel that every socioeconomic perspective of the network should be in control of the coin holders and stakers (aka the voters), so with this it's arguable that it should also be up to the community to unvote a curator if the curator doesn't provide any value to the network.

Since the curator system is such a new and unique concept that we haven't really seen before in decentralized networks, network participants and ourselves can only review and improve upon it when actually experiencing it in action. With the dpos chain and ease of development, and a passionate community behind us, I think we have a fantastic foundation to make it work.

Markus @Dean [nOS Team] is there any ETA on when you guys will have the ARK based chain up and running and will allow users to swap NEO tokens for your tokens on the new chain?

Zappo So Dean essentially it will start with 330m when you start nos mainchain correct (even if some coins are locked)? Do you plan to have some additional sale of coins or you have enough funding to achieve your goals with funding you have at the moment?

Dean [nOS Team] @roks0n [deadlock] All of the above :smile:

Currently with ARK Core 2.x, when working on customizing features such as delegate rewards (the network automatically distributes additional rewards the top 5 delegates) and the partial fee removal system (the majority of all transaction fees are removed entirely from the network), or wallet logic (we store wallet staking data on the wallet object), you need to make direct modifications to the core packages. So currently we have a lot of core modifications.

We also have custom transactions (we essentially finished the staking system built almost entirely with the Generic Transaction Interface) and plug-ins with 100% passing unit tests, also seemingly production-ready on our private testnet.

We're confident that with ARK Core 3.0 we're able to build all of our features as custom modules, which we will make highly configurable and open-source, so that we can publish them to the ARK Core Marketplace allowing any ARK Core based project to simply install and use them to fit their needs.

roks0n [deadlock] Given you modify the core packages, how will you apply security patches and other performance upgrades that Ark will offer?

Markus So your "appstore" will feature all sorts of applications, what is your vision in attracting developers and publishers of applications to release them (also) on nOS appstore?

Dean [nOS Team] @spghtz ( / civseed) In the end it's up to the voters, but I personally would like to see a combination of different curation services:

- Automated indexing of applications from third-party sources

- User submission portals (where the curator's voters can rate/review apps)

- Manual curation by a group of experts in specific categories

- Prioritizing applications that utilize nOS development APIs (our APIs allow you to interact with many different blockchains, think of a native Metamask plug-in within the browser that supports BTC, ETH, ARK, NEO, EOS, nOS etc)

roks0n [deadlock] Are you missing something (plugins, tools, docs, list of delegates,...) in the current ecosystem that would make switching from NEO easier for you and what those things are?

Dean [nOS Team] As for curator qualities, I'd like to see nice looking, custom app submission portals. Preferably not ones that power their curator entirely with Google Forms :grimacing: (edited)

@Zappo We currently have no plan for an additional public offering of coins, considering we have enough funding to achieve our goals.

Zappo @Dean [nOS Team] how is it working with Ark team, do you already see any benefits being in powered by Ark program?

roks0n [deadlock] When available, would you support creating a bridge between nOS and Ark? If yes, how do you see that working and what benefits you see from that?

Dean [nOS Team] @roks0n [deadlock] _Currently_ we modify the core packages, although we try to keep it to a minimum specifically so that we can more easily integrate security patches and performance upgrades. Our goal is to not modify any core package after ARK Core 3.0 (and re-build everything that we currently have as package modifications into plug-ins).

We already had a lot of custom features with ARK Core 2.3 and have been able to apply every upgrade up to 2.5.x at this point. Any core modification that has security implications, we will severely review, test, and audit ourselves, and depending on the impact also have audited by third parties.

Drakeler [ACF] @Dean [nOS Team] do you think ARK and all bridgechain should integrate in one chat app? This could approve development and more?

Sam [ARK Team] Just 5 few minutes left guys so get any final questions in :slightly_smiling_face:

Dean [nOS Team] @Markus I think we're introducing one of the most welcoming and motivating opportunities for developers to deploy to (and/or integrate with) the nOS ecosystem:

  1. It only takes a single HTML snippet to activate an app for receiving Attention-Based Rewards. It's just some meta tags (we wrote a standard for it:, so no reason not to implement it if it means opening up to additional revenue.

  2. Attention-Based Rewards are a feature of nOS Browser, so it can be a natural occurence that apps will want to: *A.* convince/incentivize users to engage with them through nOS Browser, and *B.* work to get their application indexed as high as possible through curators, so that existing nOS Browser users will discover the app more easily, thus gaining more traffic and potential Attention-Based Rewards.

  3. If an app is already engaged with nOS in this way, they might as well seek to work out a deal with delegates and curators, and offer in-app incentives to users when they vote for their delegate/curator partner. App developers could also seek to run their own delegate or curator. Either way is a lucrative strategy.

The Open Wallet protocol

The Open Wallet protocol enables any web page to add cryptocurrency addresses.

Secondly, we also of course host developer competitions, such as one we did recently for integrating nOS ID. We got some interesting apps and games from it, like the NEO Economy Store, where people can buy merchandise and hardware using NOS and getting a discount if you hold a minimum threshold of NOS. We will also do live events and hackathons in the future.

Dean [nOS Team] @Zappo Working with the ARK team is amazing. Their technical and strategic support has been invaluable. In short: the ARK team is what most cryptocurrency project followers can only dream their favorite team is like.

That last sentence is a mouthful but I hope the point comes across :joy:

Matthew [ARK Team] Perfect, we'll send your bribe afterwards...


Dean [nOS Team] _i dont know what you're talking about_ :outeyes:

@roks0n [deadlock] Our goal is be a fully compatible bridgechain on the ARK network, so interoperability should come naturally as ARK Core evolves. I definitely see great opportunities in this regard. We'll save the details on that for another time :sunglasses:

@Drakeler [ACF] It'd be great if the followers of bridgechains - who care about the underlying technology - will join the ARK community, especially considering the possibilities that will come with bridgechain interoperability. I can also imagine public blockchains will want their own dedicated community portal as well to allow for focused and categorized discussion. It goes without saying that every bridgechain developer should be on the ARK slack.

@roks0n [deadlock] Re: `Are you missing something (plugins, tools, docs, list of delegates,...) in the current ecosystem that would make switching from NEO easier for you and what those things are?`

The ARK crypto package and relay api is everything we need to build a fully functional token swap app on the ARK side. I haven't come across anything that we'll need in addition to that.

Sam [ARK Team] The hour is up, so that concludes the AMA.

Would like to say a big thank you to everyone who participated and to @Dean [nOS Team] for taking the time to be here today.

I'm sure there will be an opportunity in the future to host another AMA with Dean as their development continues!

Thank you!

Dean [nOS Team] Thanks everyone for your questions!

If you ever want to get in touch with us, want to post a delegate or curator proposal, or talk about (building) an app, *join our brand new community portal at*.

You'll need nOS Browser to create an account, which you can download on our website:

We're also on Telegram: