BCdiploma AMA - December 2019

Sam [ARK Team] Let us all welcome the team from BCdiploma (https://www.bcdiploma.com/) - you will be speaking with @Vincent Langard and @Luc Jarry-Lacombe who you may be familiar with from a recent ARK Crypto Podcast episode. Please allow them a minute or two to provide an overview of BCdiploma, you can then start asking them questions. I'd ask the team from BCdiploma to use @ username to the one responding (no nested threads) and all of the community to give them some time to catch up if too many questions are in backlog, before asking more, so questions don't get lost. Thank you and let's begin! :ark: (edited)

Luc Jarry-Lacombe Hello

arkebuse.pellatarte Bonjour Luc !

Ray.Alva [ARK Team] Welcome @Luc Jarry-Lacombe and @Vincent Langard !

Dean [nOS Team] :wave: hey!

Vincent Langard Hi community!

arkebuse.pellatarte Bonjour Vincent !

mcnulty hi

mikho hi all ! Luc Jarry-Lacombe https://certificate-demo.bcdiploma.com/check/25E1A2824E19CFFBFA22FB71F3B0887FABE60E2748D7B6EB17A8E48E78BB168CESHV%252BJAA%252FewDzkObuYS2cT0BiAz4JmfuVTbZR72htHxBzyZX

Vincent Langard To start this AMA, we are proud to present you a BCdiploma certificate whose data are stored on an ARK blockchain! (edited)

mcnulty ark or ropsten ?

under proof: Blockchain: ETH-ropsten

Sam [ARK Team] So I was wondering about your background. Did you have ties to the educational sector before starting BCdiploma? What was the main driving force behind creating BCdiploma?

Vincent Langard @mcnulty, both! Data relating to the issuer's identity is stored in a smart contract on Ethereum (Ropsten here because it is a test certificate). The encrypted data of the certificate is stored on an ARK bridgechain. (edited)

fixcrypt hello bcdiploma team

Dean [nOS Team] Hi guys, cool demo! Why are you storing the identity data on a separate blockchain instead of your own custom blockchain?

mcnulty As you will use other blockchains than Ethereum for certification, and in particular private blockchains, how to assure tokens holders that you are using BCDT on these other platforms?

Luc Jarry-Lacombe @Sam [ARK Team] Yes, the whole team comes from EdTech background. We observed a lack on digital credentials.

Boothy12 Certificate looks good :raised_hands: but what does your immediate roadmap look like?

fixcrypt @Vincent Langard can you explain more about the use of SSSS and the conformity with RGPD law?

Dean [nOS Team] Can you share a quick flow on how a certificate is issued on your blockchain? (what data is generated, sent, validated, stored)

Luc Jarry-Lacombe @Sam [ARK Team] The main idea behind BCdiploma is to provide a lightweight and durable architecture that allows access to certified data without documents outside the blockchain.

someonesomeone Nice certificate!

So I saw that you have 50 institutional clients. Can you name a few?

Luc Jarry-Lacombe https://www.bcdiploma.com/issuers-list.html

fixcrypt for information the ark bridgechain behind the test diploma is here

mcnulty https://www.evidenz.io/issuers-list.html for customers (edited)

someonesomeone Very nice

Luc Jarry-Lacombe All customers are enrolled in the smartcontract.

someonesomeone So how will you guys interact with ark tokens? Will each certificate use ark tokens to be put on the blockchain?

Vincent Langard @Dean [nOS Team] Historically, BCdiploma has been developed and deployed on Ethereum for many reasons: no infrastructure deployment required, smart contract, transparency, etc. All our customers use BCdiploma with Ethereum until now, but requests appear for the certificate data to be stored on their own blockchain: this is the reason for using ARK right now.

Dean [nOS Team] Ok so to clarify: currently only certificate data lives on your own blockchain and identity data on Ethereum, but you're looking into migrating that to your own blockchain as well?

arkebuse.pellatarte Je me permets de poser ma question en français ça me permettra d'être plus précis. Je suis très intéressé par votre projet. Travaillant dans une grande université parisienne, nous sommes confrontés à ces problématiques de vérifications d'authenticité des diplômes, notamment des diplômes étrangers. Je suis persuadé que la certification que vous proposez est l'avenir et sera de toutes façons adoptée tôt ou tard ! J'espère que ce sera votre projet qui sera retenu.

Sam [ARK Team] If possible could all questions be asked in English. Thank you :smile:

mcnulty @Dean [nOS Team] they aren't migrating, they're will be using many platforms, not only Ethereum

Luc Jarry-Lacombe @fixcrypt Everything is based on the fact that 3 cryptographic keys are dispersed, and that the decryption key is a combination of these 3 keys, reconstituted during the consultation but never stored.

And that one of these keys is contained in the url of the certificate, which is the property of the graduate.

Dean [nOS Team] If that's the case then I'm interested in learning the decision behind deploying the same business logic to multiple platforms, since at first glance that may seem like it introduces some maintenance overhead.

mcnulty from what I understood, it's a request from some customers to use another platform than Ethereum (edited)

someonesomeone So will you guys use ark tokens in any way? Or new tokens on your chain?

Vincent Langard @mcnulty, about the use of other blockchains than Ethereum: We are in the state of POC on ARK on a test certificate and 100% of our customers are on Ethereum to date: we have time for these questions! Nevertheless, our vision is as follows: because we believe in the interoperability between blockchains, the EvidenZ smartcontract will manage the activity even if other blockchains are used : will find a viable and transparent technical solution when there will be a real significant activity in production on ARK.

Luc Jarry-Lacombe @mcnulty Yes, it is a request from the University of Lille, which is a member of EBSI (the EU projects), and which wishes to test a protocol on a blockchain that can be directly managed by the universities.

Nim Can you bring value to the Ark ecosystem or only thinking about your own gains?

Sam [ARK Team] Can we please let the BCdiploma team respond to the questions asked of them. I appreciate some are trying to help but to ensure that questions are responded to with 100% accuracy it would be appreciated if we wait for the team to respond. (edited)

arkebuse.pellatarte Mettons que je sois un détenteur de BCDT, achetés sur IDEX. Lorsque vous activerez la blockchain ARK, que vont devenir mes jetons ? Allez-vous allouer l'équivalent en jetons ARK aux détenteurs de BCDT ? Let's say I'm a BCDT owner, bought on IDEX. When you activate the blockchain ARK, what will become of my chips? Will you allocate the equivalent in ARK tokens to BCDT holders?

Boothy12 What's the long term goal / roadmap for BCDiploma? How do you see your business model/product expanding long term? Will universities remain your key focus or will you expand to offer solutions for the peripheries of the education sector (if you don't already).

Luc Jarry-Lacombe @Nim For us, architecture with ARK is an important step in our ecosystem. Institutions want to have sovereignty over the infrastructure used. The challenge is the adoption of ARK by public institutions in France and Europe.

Dean [nOS Team] Will you open-source your blockchain's codebase?

Vincent Langard @Dean [nOS Team], about the certificate issuance flow: the issuers are registered by a validator (BCdiploma for example) in the EvidenZ smartcontract and get their own wallet. Each issuer writes once in the smartcontract the certificate templates it will later issue. Then, by himself, the issuer records thanks to our DApp the encrypted data of the certificates on a blockchain (here, ARK)

Luc Jarry-Lacombe @Boothy12 Long-term goal: deploy the solution in all sectors where access to certified data is vital. We already work with notaries and ISO certifiers. Our objective is to use EvidenZ to manage state administrative registers.

Sam [ARK Team] Do you have any competitors in this field? If so, how do you differentiate from them?

mcnulty Questions on 3 topics:

Your project seems largely unknown on the crypto scene, and as a result your BCDT token has a very low volume, do you have plans to change that?

Since there's a mechanism that burns tokens, aren't you afraid it might be classified as security? Do you think you'll turn it into a real security token in the future?

Do you think you can improve transparency by indicating the number of certifications made in real time? as well as the cost per certification? I think this can help to better estimate your business

Vincent Langard @Nim, about value, from our point of view it is a win-win situation: we can respond with ARK to a customer need and we help in the adoption of ARK with a real use case.

Luc Jarry-Lacombe @Dean [nOS Team] The ambition shown since the start of the project and the first whitepaper is that the EvidenZ framework on which BCdiploma is Open Source. In our opinion, an open source solution is a prerequisite for a technological large-scale adoption. As of today, we are already offering our customers the ability to use our certificate reader software source code on request. This is a first step towards a more open source publication, which guarantees long-term independence for the customers. We are committed to opening this code when 1 million certificates would have been issued. Smart contract code source should therefore be available beginning of 2021.

Vincent Langard @someonesomeone This is not an option at this time, but nothing is fixed at this stage of the project. Luc Jarry-Lacombe @Sam [ARK Team] main competitor: MIT protocol, marketed by Learning Machine. The main difference is the use of data hash by MIT, unlike the certification of the data itself for EvidenZ. The difference is direct: access to evidence for MIT is very difficult, and the identity is not trustlessly guaranteed. arkebuse.pellatarte Answer for my question please ?

Vincent Langard @arkebuse.pellatarte there is no intention to replace / create new ARK tokens: the project is currently totally focused on the ARK blockchain as an infrastructure for customers who want a consortium blockchain rather than a public blockchain.

Sam [ARK Team] Just 5 minutes left remaining of the AMA everyone

Vincent Langard @mcnulty, about visibility: It is true that we are under radar, but we must understand why. The BCdiploma ICO ended in January 2018 at the worst possible time and before a huge drop in ETH. We have therefore focused 100% on industrial success. Our strategy is therefore an organic growth of the hype because our techno really works. Given the mood in the cryptosphere at the moment, a short-term approach does not seem like a good idea to us. That's why very happy to be here, these exchanges with ARK are the first recognition in the crypto world for BCdiploma. That said, we were selected by Blockchain Berkeley as a cutting-edge Blockchain project, which is a nice recognition.. Also, we are counting on the ARK partnership to gain visibility :slightly_smiling_face:

Dean [nOS Team] 3 Q's:

Why do you have validators live on Ethereum Smart Contracts, why not integrate all features with your own blockchain?

An answer you gave to a previous question got me sligthly confused: do you plan to build your own blockchain on the ARK Core framework, or integrate your features with the ARK Public Network (e.g. using the vendor field)?

For what purpose do you have a token burning mechanism?

Nim How can you disrupt the entire university screening with blockchain? (edited)

arkebuse.pellatarte I learned that you had an ongoing partnership with Paris Descartes University. You should know that this university will merge on January 1 with Paris Diderot to form the University of Paris. Will your partnership extend to this new entity?

Vincent Langard @mcnulty @Dean [nOS Team], about burn mechanism, we are not at all afraid about this for several reasons. But before describing them, and since not everyone is necessarily familiar with BCdiploma and its token, we will remind you what it involves. BCDT (Blockchain Certified Data Token) is a B2B utility token required by certificate issuing institutions to issue data on the blockchain in the EvidenZ ecosystem (the framework on which BCdiploma is based). For each certificate issued, a number of BCDTs must be pushed into the smartcontract (the number varies to guarantee a fixed FIAT price) and a % of tokens is burned in the operation. Our vision is as follows: the use of tokens is aligned with real activity, in an organic way. It is on the basis of this long-term project that we have had the confidence of our holders who have been supporting us since the ICO of BCdiploma (2 years soon), whom we thank.

Regarding the burn mechanism, we are very confident: it was transparently presented in the rules to the AMF even before the start of the ICO and answers a question asked by the French regulator: what are you doing to protect investors against the fall in your token price? A part of the answer is this burn mechanism. In any case, a security classification is not on the radar screen at all.

Luc Jarry-Lacombe @Dean [nOS Team] for Q1. We don't have any plans to have our own EvidenZ blockchain. For all those who wish, the service runs on Ethereum. For those, like Lille, who want their own governance, part of the framework is deployed on ARK. Validators have a functional role in EvidenZ: they publicly take responsibility for verifying the identity of smartcontract users.

Vincent Langard @mcnulty about transparency, good question! This is a very sensitive subject. We try to be as transparent as possible in our operations, but we are in an ultra-competitive environment and must protect ourselves by not disclosing too much information about the details of our business activities. That said, burn is a very good indicator of our activity :slightly_smiling_face:

Luc Jarry-Lacombe @arkebuse.pellatarte Our current activity will continue and we hope to obtain contacts in the new structure as soon as possible.

Vincent Langard @Nim: By providing them with a real use case of the blokchain through an application that responds in an innovative and unique way to their business issues!

Luc Jarry-Lacombe Thanks to all of you

Dean [nOS Team] Thanks guys

spaghetti (ark.party / civseed) yea thanks for comin on

Vincent Langard Thank you all for your interest!

And thanks to the whole ARK team for the organization:+1: Sam [ARK Team] The hour is up and that concludes the AMA. Thank you to @Vincent Langard & @Luc Jarry-Lacombe for taking the time to answer our questions today, and thank you to everyone who participated!