ChangeNOW - February 2020

Sam [ARK Team] Let us all welcome @Pauline Shangett from ChangeNOW ( who is joining us today to answer your questions! I ask the team from ChangeNOW to use @ username to the one responding (no nested threads) and all of the community to give them some time to catch up if too many questions are in backlog. Thank you and let's begin! :ark: mike [ARK Advisor] Hi Pauline

SuperCool :wave::skin-tone-2:

Jarunik hello pauline

Davie hi

Pauline Shangett hey there beautiful ARK people! glad to be here :ark:

crypto You are welcome friend

Pauline Shangett hit me y'all

Davie If one of the ark bridgechains wanted to get listed on changenow, what is the process for that?

SuperCool Can you give a small intro into what you think is the best about changenow?

Pauline Shangett @Davie if it's a token, then we need it to be listed on our liquidity providers to be able to exchange it. atm those are Huobi, Bitfinex, Binance, and OKEx

@SuperCool so, ChangeNOW is a perfect tool to exchange verious cryptos if you care about speed, safety, and ease of use. i regularly use it myself and even the smallest swaps from, say BTC to ETH (not the fastest blockchains out there) takes about 5 minutes. we don't require accounts, so you hop in, choose your coins, drop the deposit, receive your funds, hop out!

Davie Once they are added to one of listed exchanges are they auto added to changenow or is there a listing process after that?

Jarunik I am always concerned with the fees of these swap services. Why do you not make them transparent and what do i have to expect roughly ?

Pauline Shangett @Davie there's a listing process. we add the token to and community members and foundations can donate our NOW Tokens (atm the fee is 15000 NOW) for it to be listed. after that, we make it work in about a week

SuperCool @Pauline Shangett does this mean no KYC is needed? and if yes, how does that work?

Pauline Shangett @Jarunik our revenue comes from trading and is never the same, depends on how successful the trade was. all the fees are packed in the estimate and in 99% of cases it matches the outcome

@SuperCool we do comply with all the AML/KYC laws in place and we might ask you to get verified if our risk management system is triggered. you can refuse and receive a refund, though. the only time we might have to force KYC (so to say) if your address was reported as one involved in ML activity. doesn't happen often

mike [ARK Advisor] is the exchange rate driven by the size of the order and the depth of the orderbook at the time?

Pauline Shangett @mike [ARK Advisor] yup, pretty much. also depends on the blockchain (ie the fees in place for the blockchain itself)

Davie What do you think is a benefit of using changenow over a different service such as shapeshift?

mike [ARK Advisor] makes sense, so smaller orders might have a lower exchange rate than larger orders since they don't need to go as far away from the spread?

Jarunik If I want to use your service and API to accept other crypto for my service. Would an integration be easy and how would that roughly work

Pauline Shangett @Davie the main ones are that we have more coins, don't require accounts, don't require mendatory KYC, and our minimal exchange amounts are the lowest on the market right now :slightly_smiling_face:

@mike [ARK Advisor] it depends on the smallness, so to say. teeny tiny sums like up to $20 worth of the coin are processed in a slightly different way that was recently introduced and I personally don't know much about it myself. generally speaking, you are right

@Jarunik we have very thorough documentation in place and if you ask for help we can provide all the necessary info that you might need :slightly_smiling_face:

@Jarunik if you need more info on that hmu after the AMA and we'll talk

cam (cams_yellow_jacket) Thought this was supposed to start 15 minute ago

Pauline Shangett @cam (cams_yellow_jacket) you're right on time :wink:

Sam [ARK Team] It did @cam (cams_yellow_jacket) Slack is having some issues right now though if it's acting up a bit. Typical timing :trollbounce:

Travis Walker [ARK Team] Can you explain in more detail what you mean by 40% more profitable exchanges? As mentioned in this tweet:

Davie You mentioned the NOW token, can you tell us more about that and what the usecase of the token is? Is it used just for the listing process?

Pauline Shangett @Travis Walker [ARK Team] we took away 40% of our revenue on all swaps through our plugin in ARK Wallet so that everyone can try it out!

@Davie right now it is used for the listing process, but we're building more fresh use cases right noe

cam (cams_yellow_jacket) Woops. Yerp. There's all the messages :joy:

Jarunik What do you like on your Pizza? :slightly_smiling_face:

Pauline Shangett @Jarunik either hawaiian (but like, pineapple + prosciutto) or ham + mushrooms! :danwhat:

Jarunik I am hungry :wink:

cam (cams_yellow_jacket) How hard was it to make the plugin? :slightly_smiling_face:

king turt pineapple :puke:

Davie Did you get initial funding through an ICO with the NOW token?

Pauline Shangett @Jarunik me too my man. will hit the local KFC after this!

@king turt open your mind dude! it's delish

@Davie nope, we're entirely self-funded. never sold a token in our entire existence

king turt @dan [kaos] @espresso [ACF] :colbert:

Pauline Shangett @king turt hear me out king: if the pineapple is fresh it's heavenly good

Davie How many team members do you have? I can imagine customer service must consume a lot of time.

king turt @Pauline Shangett

Pauline Shangett @Davie right now around 50, support team included

Davie Do you have a central office? Or do people work remotely to cover different timezones?

Pauline Shangett we are hiring right now and it's super hard. I had 3 interviews one by one today

@Davie have several offices around Europe

Davie Where do I apply? :smile:

mike [ARK Advisor] pineapple makes great compost...

Pauline Shangett @Davie shoot a note to [email protected] :wink: (edited)

Davie :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

Might do

What positions are open?

Pauline Shangett @Davie we're looking for copywriters, designers, video editors, seos, the like (edited)

Davie Read my mind

Jarunik What does this mean? Not possible to swap to Ark ?

Pauline Shangett @Jarunik might me that a certain pair is unavailable right now. took our liquidity peoviders a while to recover from the ark update

Jarunik ah ... on the website it shows ... in the plugin i get the above

Pauline Shangett @Jarunik does it show that only for STEEM-ARK or for all pairs? (edited)

Jarunik Other pairs like BTC/ARK seem to work.

Pauline Shangett yelling at the product manager who made the plugin right now, so might get that fixed before the AMA is over :wink:

Jarunik hehe ... thanks :smile:

Davie How easy/hard was it to develop the plugin?

mike [ARK Advisor] looked for NOW, says not listed, will it be added?

Pauline Shangett @Davie just asked our PM and he said it took around 2 weeks + 1,5 weeks of fixes and revisions

@mike [ARK Advisor] right now, NOW is not supported by our LP's but we might do a workaround for that soon (edited)

king turt Дзыб


Pauline Shangett @king turtsorry king layout switcher acting up :tired_face:

king turt i forgive you this once :susp:

Davie Are you able to discuss future usecase ideas that you have for the NOW token or is it under wraps for now?

Pauline Shangett @Davie under wraps mostly. the token product manager is working on that and she is stin-gie when it comes to sharing info (edited)

Sam [ARK Team] What security measures do you have in place to give users confidence when using your platform?

Jarunik it is also on the website ... so not just the plugin (don't fire the plugin dev)

crypto What exchange is that?

Jarunik Trying to use with STEEM -> ARK :smile:

Pauline Shangett @Sam [ARK Team] we do not store your funds, ever. what comes to us is swapped right away and then sent right to you. also, we do comply with the AML/KYC laws and if funds have been stolen off an exchange like Binance or Bitpoint, we catch and return them. have managed to do that with around 1,5 mil worth of crypto

Sam [ARK Team] Oh wow

Pauline Shangett @Jarunik ok, we won't :wink: but the finops team has been notified, thank you

Davie Cn I refer people to use changenow with a referal link?

Pauline Shangett @Davie sure! check out

cam (cams_yellow_jacket) Any plans to provide ark to X exchanges? Or does that already exist outside the wallet plugin?

spaghetti ( / civseed) I don't have anything to say but cool service, guys

Yakety_Yak I can only agree with Mr. Spaghetti

Pauline Shangett @cam (cams_yellow_jacket) the plugin is basically our entire service, but as a plugin so that you can swap ARK right in the wallet

@spaghetti ( / civseed) @Yakety_Yak thanks kings :pensive: :fist:

Davie Do you have any new features to be released soon?

king turt ahem. there is only one king here

Pauline Shangett @Davie well, we're dropping the minimal exchange amounts to more coins constantly, and our website is getting a face lift :wink: other than that, we're working on further optimization of what we already have

@king turt everyone can be a king if they want to :kingturt:

king turt this is strike two :susp:

Jarunik You seem to offer a couple of other services like NOW nodes. Can you give a short overview what service might be interesting for the Ark community as well?

Pauline Shangett @king turt :cold_sweat:

@Jarunik so, NOWNodes is a service that allows developers to make dapps without having to maintain a node. it's still free of charge and is super easy to set up. i believe we don't have an ARK node yet, but we're planning on adding one

Jarunik ah cool.

Pauline Shangett @Jarunik so if you wanted to make a wallet that supports ARK you can theoretically use one of our nodes to request from

NOWPayments is a service that lets you accept various coins as donations or payments for stuff in a super easy way

so, say, you want to get your monies in ARK only, and you can do just that even of your customers don't have ARK, but do have BTC, LTC. ETH, Whatever (edited)

Davie Is changenow integrated into any multitoken wallets?

Pauline Shangett @Davie sure! we're in trezor, atomic, guarda, edge, ledger soon, jaxx soon too, and some more less known ones

Sam [ARK Team] Just 10 minutes left, any final questions? Or shall we discuss pizza again? :trollbounce:

Jarunik It is ask me ANYTHING ... i can also find some more annoying topics if you want. :smile:

Sam [ARK Team] haha

Pauline Shangett @Jarunik surprise me ;););)

Travis Walker [ARK Team] What lead you to create changenow and how did you personally get into this industry?

Pauline Shangett @Travis Walker [ARK Team] i joined the project when it was still in fairly early stages, in june 2018. it was my first crypto rodeo and it happened in a super trivial way - one of my grad school profs is friends with my boss :sweat_smile: she recommended me to her and here i am.

ChangeNOW was created with one goal in mind - we want everyone, regardless of their age or skill, to be able to interact with crypto in a safe and easy way and do it better than anyone else :wink:

Travis Walker [ARK Team] Do you feel your infrastructure is prepared for a mass influx of new users? Similar to the 2017 rush?

Jarunik What will be your next tatoo ?

Pauline Shangett @Travis Walker [ARK Team] i think we're pretty much 100% ready. there might be some things to fix up and even out (that's why our UI product manager is still here in the office @ 9pm), but there will always be stuff like that. so i can safely say we're ready for anything the market throws at us

Travis Walker [ARK Team] Ok last question from me... What do you like most about ARK? :trollbounce:

Pauline Shangett @Jarunik oh man... i don't know yet. i've been toying with the idea of getting leg bones on my, well, leg :wink:

Jarunik haha :smile:

Pauline Shangett @Travis Walker [ARK Team] it's the people! ever since Justin came up to us in Vegas and asked me for a Crypto Trivia Night question i've been in love, dude. you guys are super cool! also the coin itself is amazing too

@Jarunik it would commemorate the fact that i'm recovering from a nasty ankle fracture

Jarunik you still type fast though ... thanks a lot for all the answers.

Pauline Shangett @Jarunik that's coz i type with my hands man!

Sam [ARK Team] Right the hour is up! Thank you very much @Pauline Shangett for taking the time to be here today. If anyone reading this hasn't already checked out ChangeNOW plugin for the ARK Desktop Wallet, you totally should! Thanks to everyone who came to ask questions too!

king turt Thanks @Pauline Shangett your humour, passion and personality certainly made this a fun AMA :kingturt:

Pauline Shangett thank you so so much for hosting me here guys, this has been super fun! i'm still gonna hang out in the workspace, so if you have any Q's or feedback feel free to PM me or hit me up on Telegram - @deepmoist.

check out our plugin, we worked hard on it!