Atomic Wallet - February 2020

Sam [ARK Team] Let us all welcome the team from Atomic Wallet ( - we [email protected] Gladych and @Christine K joining us today to answer your questions! I ask the team from Atomic Wallet to use @ username to the one responding (no nested threads) and all of the community to give them some time to catch up if too many questions are in backlog. Thank you and let's begin! :ark:

Konstantin Gladych Hey everyone! thank you for inviting me!

Davie Hi all

Tin @Konstantin Gladych and @Christine K :wave:

Christine K Hey, Ark community! Thanks for hosting us today :raised_hands:

crypto Hello

Konstantin Gladych You are very welcome to ask any questions. About our wallet, business and crypto overall!

Davie Which tokens do you find easiest to integrate to your wallet?

Tin Will Atomic support staking ARK in near future?

Christine K @Tin thanks for the question! This year we're planning to implement more PoS assets, and I hope ARK can be one of them! :slightly_smiling_face:

Zappo do you plan on making plugin for exchanging tokens for ARKs Desktop Wallet much like ChangeNow did for ARK Ecosystem?

Konstantin Gladych @Tin good question! thank you! We already have around 10 assets for staking in Atomic, like tezos, atom etc. And we are planning to add bunch of new assets this year. ARK is definitely in our list

Zappo +1 for staking request for ARK please :please:

Konstantin Gladych @Zappo could you please clarify question. we have wallet app and exchange inside, provided by various partners (edited)

TL DeFi is one of the hottest topic in the blockchain space right now. Can you share your opinions on DeFi with us? Do you think that DeFi will disrupt the existing financial system? What is Atomic approach towards the DeFi sector ?

Tin Great to hear that @Konstantin Gladych and @Christine K!

Zappo @Konstantin Gladych ARK Desktop Wallet supports plugins now and one of the instant swap companies did plugin for it so people can easily swap it inside desktop wallet, just an idea from my side.

Konstantin Gladych @TL thank you for the question. We are planning to add most popular DeFi use cases in Atomic native interface, like borrow and lend tokens. However would love to know ARK plans for DeFi! will there be any use cases on Ark blockchain? (edited)

Christine K @Davie as I know, it's always a matter of community's interest and then research from our side. Of course, ERC20-tokens can be easily added as well as custom tokens you like, but the tokens with separate blockchain need deep research, it takes a little time :slightly_smiling_face:

TL @Konstantin Gladych Glad to hear that .

Konstantin Gladych @Zappo we already have instant swaps tab in our wallet, ARK is supported.. Currently no plans for external service. But who knows..

Davie tnx @Christine K - Thats good to know. I'm close with a couple of projects that may want to get listed - what's the best way to raise the discussion with you? Do you have a listing request form?

Christine K in addition to @Davie's question about adding new token – check out our listing campaign. Basically, any token can be added if community wants it!

crypto @Konstantin Gladych Do users have the private keys to coins in the atomic wallet?

Konstantin Gladych @Zappo btw I was founder and CEO of Changelly before Atomic. so I know very well how swaps are working :wink:

Zappo didn't know that you were founder of Changelly as well :open_mouth:

Tin There are some very interesting projects running ARK core like @Nayiem Willems and @Dean [nOS Team] and more in future since v2.6 released next week and v3 later this year. Is there any easy way to integrate them in Atomic wallet ?

bluffet:boogieark: Will bridge chains fit into the wallet too? I assume it would be easy.

Konstantin Gladych @crypto Atomic is non custodial wallet. your private keys are encrypted and never leave your device. Basically Atomic is mostly an interface. All your funds are safe on the blockchain (edited)

Zappo Do you have any statistics page for how many wallets are "generated" per each coin / token or how many are they currently been hold by those addresses?

crypto Cool

Christine K keys never leave* @Konstantin Gladych

Zappo or you don't collect any kind of data

Christine K all responsibility in hands of user

Nayiem Willems Hello

Konstantin Gladych @Tin thank you for suggestions! we are opened for any cooperations. feel free to email our bizdev [email protected]

Davie Multicurrency wallets are becoming more and more popular, what do you think makes Atomic stand out when compared to other popular wallets such as Exodus?

Christine K @Nayiem Willems hi there!

Konstantin Gladych @Zappo Atomic is anonymous wallet. we don't collect any data on our servers. except anonymous logs, in case of you have troubles with app. however you can disable logs collection in settings

techbytes So there will be no plans to force KYC on the users in the future?

Konstantin Gladych @Davie even if Exodus is our competitor, we are old good friends. we share ideas and experience time to time. However I believe we provide better user experience. Anyway market is huge and growing. It's enough place for everyone. We compete mostly with banks, rather than with each other. We prefer to focus on our product, users support and education in crypto! (edited)

Davie I love that answer

Christine K @Davie awesome question! Yes, I'd just add here that we all here are doing one thing – supporting mass adoption

Nayiem Willems Does it cost money to integrate bridgechains?

Christine K @techbytes hey! we stand for network's decentralization and adoption. Less KYC doesn't mean less secure, but more convenient for sure :wink:

Konstantin Gladych @techbytes for basic operation in the wallet we will never ask for KYC. In terms of business regulation we are not a custody, we are just a service, like blockchain explorer or bitcoin core command line.. however if you buy crypto with bank cards, you will be asked for KYC, but it's done by our partners.

techbytes Happy to hear that and thanks for the answers.

Konstantin Gladych @Nayiem Willems each integration costs resources. if you ask do we charge or not? it depends on the project, how big is community, how cool is technology, what is trading volume, etc.. various factors.

Nayiem Willems Okay, cool.

bluffet:boogieark: Which partner offers fiat in/out?

Konstantin Gladych @bluffet currently it's pretty popular Simplex. soon we will add more parters for fiat gateway (edited)

Davie If this is too personal then you don't need to answer. What was the reasoning behind leaving Changelly and starting Atomic?

Christine K @bluffet we're working with Simplex for fiat in at the moment, however there are no built-in service to convert crypto to fiat yet (edited)

Konstantin Gladych @Davie first of all, I was really tired with exchange business after the last rally. Sometimes I even slept in office. when users grew up 50 times in a months... I also had some disagreements with changelly investor. So I decided to left, did an internal exit. Then quickly started Atomic (edited)

Davie Thanks for the answer, very interesting - sleeping in an office can't be fun

Zappo how many developers does Atomic Wallet have?

Christine K @Zappo we have about 10-12 people in the office, and I guess 5-10 on remote

Konstantin Gladych @Zappo our team has more than 20 people. 8 technical guys, developers, admin, project. 5 in marketing and bizdev. 6 in users support. and me! hope I didn't forget someone ) (edited)

Christine K Oh I thought we're bigger :sweat_smile:

Konstantin Gladych Not so big, but efficient!

Davie How did you get funding to start the project? Did you do an ICO for the AWC token? Also what is the usecase for the AWC token?

Konstantin Gladych Atomic is fully self funded by me. we planned ICO, but cancelled. And we are profitable for over a year, despite the bear market.

Davie Wow

Konstantin Gladych became profitable in 6 months after the start :grin:

Davie Im gonna be honest - i've not used the AWallet before, but going to try it out now lolol

Konstantin Gladych Haha, that's why we are here! thank you for giving us a shot! (edited)

Davie Do you have any upcoming features to be excited about?

TL Blockchain is a rapid-change industry. Can Atomic's infrastructure design be promptly changed to be suitable with blockchain updates?

Christine K Great! Guys you can find out everything about AWC here:

Konstantin Gladych @Davie yep many features for this year! Lightning support, localisation, more assets for staking. DEFI use cases. you can check our roadmap here!

Christine K @TL we try to be always up-to-date in the industry as the users' satisfaction and comfort is the priority and main focus for us.

Almost every 1.5-2 weeks we release updates, keeping up with everything that's happening in the crypto world

Davie Do hardware wallets work with the Atomic Wallet?

Tin replied to a thread:

@Davie yep many features for this year! Lightning support, localisation, more assets for staking. DEFI use cases. you can check our roadmap here!

Such a busy and great year ahead!

Christine K @Davie we're planning on it this year! Will start with Ledger and Trezor :crossed_fingers: (edited)

Konstantin Gladych @Davie not yet. Hardware integrations are planned for this year. Trezor and hopefully Ledger. (edited) BTW I don't believe much in hardware wallets. way complicated use cases. I expect samsung apple and others will offer their security chips with API access for any apps. your mobile devices will be hardware wallets.

Christine K Well, the UI is definitely simpler in software wallets, and they're more affordable, but of course, there are always pros and cons

TL It's great I have used atomic wallet for a long time . It's support many coin that is what I like most (edited) Christine K Thanks, @TL! What's your thoughts on our staking? Have you checked the staking tab? We've recently added it :slightly_smiling_face:

Davie I think I read somewhere that Samsung are already doing something with hardware wallets and phones maybe? - Would need to check. Do you guys ever do airdrops?

Sam [ARK Team] What have been some of your biggest challenges since starting Atomic Wallet?

Christine K @Davie yeah, it's program based on our AWC:

Konstantin Gladych @Davie yes we do airdrops in our twitter time to time. people love it

Davie You have links for everything :open_mouth: lol :smile:

Christine K haha try me!

bluffet You need a better logotype

Konstantin Gladych @Sam [ARK Team] thank you for question! I think the biggest challenge is to support all this tons of assets, existing on the market. and make easy interface for users. as we have lots of new comers in crypto! (edited)

Christine K Yep, apart from the 'official' airdrop, we do all types of giveaways quite often. Follow us on Twitter or our TG channel and keep always updated

Sam [ARK Team] Thanks for the answer!

Christine K @bluffet suggestions are always welcomed!

Sam [ARK Team] With crypto adoption picking up at quite a rapid pace, what excites you most about the future for not only Atomic Wallet, but for the industry as a whole? (edited)

bluffet:boogieark: I’ll hit you up chritine :grin:

TL @Christine K I have seen it but still not try .How your staking model works? And how encourage you user to do staking?

Christine K @bluffet and all! You can reach me out on TG: Christine_atomic @TL the main thing about staking in Atomic is that it's decentralized and with zero fees. All rewards users get directly from validators and yes, the response is great so far!

Sam [ARK Team] We actually had a question for this AMA on our Twitter. The question was...

"Can the $ARK private key in the @AtomicWallet be exported as passphrase to reimport it into Ark Core for voting?

It's my understanding from this AMA that it's not possible to export your key, correct? If so, I'll provide your answer to the original person that asked the question :smile:

Christine K @Sam [ARK Team], maybe @Konstantin Gladych will add something here, but, from my experience, it's easy to import-export keys between the wallets.

Sam [ARK Team] Okay cool - That's great! :thumbsup::skin-tone-2: Just a couple of minutes left everyone, any final questions?

Christine K I guess we can say it's over for today :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you, @Sam [ARK Team] and awesome community for having us here! Great questions and great vibes! Happy to be partners with Ark :heart_eyes:

Sam [ARK Team] I'll take the silence as a no :smile: - Big thank you to @Christine K & @Konstantin Gladych for taking the time to be here today! Very informative and as I'm sure you can tell, we would love for staking for ARK to be implemented at some point in the future :wink:. Also a big thank you to everyone that came to ask questions today! (edited)

Christine K Keep in touch guys!

Sam [ARK Team] Thanks! :smile:

Konstantin Gladych thank you all! was a pleasure to answer all your question