August 2019

All Things ARK AMA with Matthew

Matthew [ARK Team] Welcome everyone and thank you for taking the time to show up to ask me questions about ARK. I'd like to keep it simple so try to keep most questions ARK related please. I don't have any huge updates or reveals, so feel free to ask me your questions.

someonesomeone Hi

someonesomeone I would like to know how you plan on boosting the utility of Ark tokens?

Yellow_rubber_jacket I've got one! You and Sam have alluded to the fact that the entire “vision” hasn't been laid out for the public yet due to wanting to maintain a competitive edge in the market. At what point in the roadmap do you see being able to let the public in on the secret? Not looking for exact dates of course...but more like a certain milestone in development. Can we know about it after the release of V3? the first phase of the marketplace? Or is that milestone itself something we aren't privy to yet?

BrotatoChips1850 Hello Matthew, thank for you participating in the AMA and allow us to ask you questions :smiley:

someonesomeone I love the bridgechains and all, but those will all be new tokens which won't really affect on the main Ark tokens. Or am I missing something?

Alessio [ARK Advisor] How did you and the team decide on the name "Ark" for the project? Any interesting stories about that?

Matthew [ARK Team] @someonesomeone Thanks for the question. I've answered this in the past but for the sake of the AMA and reddit, let me talk a little bit about token utility. The ARK token has a very defined role in the ecosystem. It is meant to be a form of currency for actions carried out on the ARK Public Network. Those actions will particularly focus on ways in which users, developers, and startups can interact with the ARK Blockchain Platform itself. That includes upcoming transaction types like business registration, bridgechain registration, plugin registration, as well as being the primary means of paying for all of the services and products that will be available within the upcoming marketplace and surrounding suite of tools.

roks0n [deadlock] What do you think will be most challenging step for Ark in the next year?

Matthew [ARK Team] @Yellow_rubber_jacket thanks for being here and for your question. It's not that there is a moment where we will unveil a secret or some master plan. I think as we continue to release new pieces of the puzzle, the vision will become more and more apparent. For some they might already see how all of the pieces fit together, for others it might not be until after V3 and the Marketplace are released. I don't think there is a set moment when that realization occurs and I think it will be an individual experience.

@Alessio [ARK Advisor] We had a list of like 200 names and we continuously narrowed it down until we all agreed on ARK. It literally has no special story or meaning, we just really liked it. All the boat stuff came later for fun.

Alessio [ARK Advisor] Lack of thanks for my question noted :suspi:

someonesomeone @Matthew [ARK Team] ok, but those are one off payments, right? I mean each dapp will use its own bridgechain and after registering won't be using ark tokens anymore, but their own tokens, right? Or will dapps be on the main chain as well?

Matthew [ARK Team] @roks0n [deadlock] Thats a great question. I think there are quite a few challenges we will face. First and foremost is continuing this path to adoption. We have multiple focuses and it requires we hit on all fronts. We will be hiring a Growth Marketer to help with our user acquisition strategy and build out specific campaigns to bring in more developers and bridgechains to the ecosystem, but it could always go either way, no matter how hard you work. Second, I think finding the additional developers we need to stay on top of our ambitious roadmap and goals is always a struggle. We hope to hire several new developers to round out our team this year but finding strong Core developers like Joshua isn't easy. Third I would say our push towards enterprise which will scale out over the course of next year. This is an area we are excited for, we feel ready for, but can be very hard to break into, so I think it will be a challenge. Luckily Kai and Katie and the others we are working with are up to the challenge.

Alessio [ARK Advisor] What do you think will be most fun step for Ark in the next year?

roks0n [deadlock] What things from the blockchain tech are enterprises usually interested in? Why do they usually think they need a blockchain and what's the most common problem they wish to solve? (edited)

Matthew [ARK Team] @someonesomeone Not all will be one-off payments. Most will require annual maintenance and registration. Those are just 2 examples I am comfortable sharing because they are already on the roadmap and public. There will be many other ways to utilize the token within the marketplace and larger ecosystem. Including upgrades in the deployer, etc. Going any further into this topic would be skirting pretty close to the line I don't like to cross in regards to starting to discuss how we as a company will increase token value, which is not our purpose or drive.

Matthew [ARK Team] We are here to build the system we set out to build and that system has specific utilities in mind for the ARK token which have been outlined in the new whitepaper and will continue to take shape as we complete our upcoming milestones.

@Alessio [ARK Advisor] for me the Marketplace, but that is because I've been trying to get it built since 2015 or 2016. I think it brings things together in a way that will make sense once it's complete. The release of Core v3 and how it changes the interaction within the ecosystem will also be really exciting to see take shape. I think people are really going to like it. I'm also really excited to be able to focus more time and energy on the ecosystem pieces and partnerships and bring more people into the ecosystem.

Alessio [ARK Advisor] Is there anything you wish you could go back and do differently since the launch of ARK?

dan [ kaos ] Hi, how it's going with "Google Season of Docs"? Many interesting and already established projects participate. How was the selection? Has being a SCIC helped you?

How was the response of the technical writers?

someonesomeone @Matthew [ARK Team] ok, I won't poke into it anymore :slightly_smiling_face: So the next utilities will come with 2.6 or 3.0?

Matthew [ARK Team] @roks0n [deadlock] That's a pretty loaded question but let me try to answer it. A lot of Enterprise customers are interested in the traditional measures. How does it help me save costs, time, manpower, etc? Is it more secure? Is it safe to put customer data on? That is why in most cases, enterprise customers steer more towards private or permission based ledgers that are run by their company or a consortium of companies in the same industry or supply chain. In a lot of cases, there are efficiencies that can be improved and in supply chain specifically, it can result in less overhead and a better way to track things like chain of custody or where specific parts came from. These kinds of concepts apply to a lot of industries are various stages in their development cycles. I think when it comes to specifically how we will target these markets, what industries we will look to break into, and what kinds of solutions we offer will be developed by the research and metrics provided by our Enterprise team once they are full force. It requires a lot of additional research and trial and error.

roks0n [deadlock] tnx, you answered another one of my questions regarding private/public blockchains here :slightly_smiling_face: (edited)

Drakeler [ACF] @Matthew [ARK Team] will you receive payments from nOs as it is our first PBA?

SuperCool [SuperSkeuo] [ACF] Do you have a company or industry that you would really like to see using ark core? Like a favorite one? (edited)

roks0n [deadlock] Do you think Ark coin will have to market it self to become the primary coin people can use to interact with bridge chains in the ecosystem or do you think that will come naturally? (edited)

Matthew [ARK Team] @Alessio [ARK Advisor] Yes, definitely. There were a lot of conversations we had prior to the launch of ARK in regards to using Lisk/Crypti as a base for Core. We ultimately used it because of the familiarity with the code from Mike, Francois, myself, and some of the rest of the team, but I don't think we realized just how much work it needed to get to where we are today. Not only that, but we intended (and had in our original whitepaper) that we wanted to add Tendermint style pre-voting, something that became a large discussion within the community. I think we could have potentially saved ourselves time by considering those initial choices better as we lost almost a year of development completely re-writing ARK Core. Now that it is all done, we ended up with a product that is better than what we might have had if we had not had to go through the process, so in the end, it might actually be worth all of the trouble, but is something that I think about.

Drakeler [ACF] @Matthew [ARK Team] will ARK release any bridgechains?

mak How do you plan to tackle the branding/SEO fight against the dinosaur game? Just going to wait it out or do you have an active strategy?

Matthew [ARK Team] @dan [ kaos ] Thanks for your question! Google Season of Docs has been a really great process for us. We are thankful to be included and there were a lot of great candidates. We can't announce yet who we have selected I don't think (we are waiting on Google), but I'm excited to start working with them. I don't think being an SCIC did or didn't help in regards to the GSoD piece, although it's possible Google viewed that as a strong credential that helped us. The technical writers were all great and enthusiastic about blockchain and getting involved in ARK so it was really interesting to talk to them.

@someonesomeone 2.6 will bring the first new transaction types. 3.0 will change core in some ways that I think will really help demonstrate what the ecosystem can look like and how it will function moving forward. After that, we will launch the marketplace and I think bring it all full circle.

Matthew [ARK Team] @SuperCool [SuperSkeuo] [ACF] at this point I would love to see anyone using ARK. :joy: I am a big fan of teams like nOS and what they bring to the table because they know and understand blockchain and what ARK is looking to accomplish and they really can bring a lot of really cool new features and capabilities to developers using GTI and the new transaction type model. It's easy to say things like, man, I want Google or Apple or Blizzard or someone to implement ARK into their pipeline, but I actually think to grow and really hit our stride, we need more dedicated and focused bridgechain teams who are contributing to and expanding what the Platform and Deployer are capable of.

@roks0n [deadlock] I think it will come naturally and I think people will see that more as we get closer to 3.0 and beyond.

roks0n [deadlock] What do you think a future delegate should look like?

Matthew [ARK Team] @mak we have an active strategy. We have a long term content and SEO strategy for the new website and a long list of detailed analysis that Kai and Katie have already done. We don't intend to sit idle and let the dinosaur game have all the fun. We will be constantly working to build our our relevance and influence and increase our organic and inbound marketing efforts.

Alessio [ARK Advisor] Dinosaur game? Have all the fun? Matt doing the AMA? Insert promo link to T-Grexx here :lel:

Matthew [ARK Team] @Drakeler [ACF] Sorry, missed yours. Thanks for the question. It's possible. If releases any bridgechains, they would be core functions that feed back into services for the ecosystem in most cases, although we do have some ideas for user facing applications we would love to build when the time is right if no one else beats us to it.

@roks0n [deadlock] I think that is an interesting question. I love our current delegates and the landscape that has built up over time, but I think that as the ecosystem grows, it's possible we will see larger institutions or companies, including bridgechains, potentially running as delegates down the road. It will be interesting to see how everything evolves over time. For me personally, I think a delegate should be 100% focused on network performance and making sure that their nodes are strong, secure, and always up. They are the backbone of this entire network and while I love all of the contributions and extra work that many do, I have always believed their primary responsibility is the network itself.

For me, I think that dedicated Node/delegate services is a strong business model moving forward. For a single delegate or team of delegates, the opportunity could easily exist to market and run infrastructure services for many bridgechains within the ecosystem.

The Marketplace will have built in systems to help facilitate that process.

Alessio [ARK Advisor] When do you plan to list additional vacancies on the Careers page?

Drakeler [ACF] @Matthew [ARK Team] what do you think of ARK members running a delegate position? As non members delegates are not forging. (edited)

Matthew [ARK Team] @Alessio [ARK Advisor] Good question! I can't give an exact date but we have a list of new positions that was developed in Utrecht that we are working on. I have already written one of the postings but we want to get them all ready and post it together so we can promote it better. We also have a couple new hirings that have already happened that we will announce when we are ready.

roks0n [deadlock] What's the one thing you'd like to change in the community? If anything.

Drakeler [ACF] You also forgot this one :neutral_face:

Drakeler [ACF] @Matthew [ARK Team] will you receive payments from nOs as it is our first PBA?

Matthew [ARK Team] @Drakeler [ACF] I've answered this in the past but there is a reason I never ran as a delegate nor do I run any secret ones. I don't personally think team members should run as delegates. The delegates are responsible for running the network. is responsible for developing the platform the network runs. I think there is a conflict of interest there that I personally am uncomfortable with in my little bubble of life. That being said. It's their own money and voters are free to do what they want. If we start dictating what people can do with their own money, that is just as much of an issue. So I think our stance, that we don't ask, we don't dictate, and everyone is responsible for making their own decision and answering for it, is the best one, but I personally am against the practice in general.

@Drakeler [ACF] How do you keep hiding yours? :trollbounce: Since I missed yours, let me jump it up the list. No, there is no monetary arrangement between and nOS. We did sign an MOU for legal reasons, but no money is exchanged by either party.

Alessio [ARK Advisor] Regarding delegates, you will be aware ARK released a new version of Core on Tuesday, which was promptly deployed by most delegates. But some haven't updated, in fact we even have some languishing behind on Core 2.4, which was superseded several weeks ago. Following up with what you said that delegates should be "100% focused on network performance and making sure that their nodes are strong, secure, and always up", what sort of message would you like to send to those delegates who were elected to secure the network who are still running outdated versions of Core that may include vulnerabilities and other problems? And what is your view about naming and shaming delegates who fail to update in a timely manner?

Drakeler [ACF] @Matthew [ARK Team] why are you so smart? What studies did you do :smirk:

Matthew [ARK Team] @roks0n [deadlock] That is a dangerous question but I would actually like to answer it. I think the community has idle hands. I think there is a lack of a focus on finding new and innovative ways to use your support and energy to help propel ARK. I think this leads to people sitting in chat, refreshing CMC, and feeling depressed or lacking motivation because of the current market conditions. I think that ultimately we could do more to organize and focus that energy towards meaningful projects and contributions and Sam, the comms team, and I will be working on some ways to hopefully do that. The Tier 0's are also a great way to try to focus some of the community developers into larger projects that I think can really make a difference.

@Alessio [ARK Advisor] I think my message to those delegates is clear. Get your shit together. The network can't afford for you to be lazy. The real message needs to be for the community and voters. Why are you supporting these people? Why do we continue to allow them to be on such an exclusive list of only 51 people in the entire world we trust to run this network? If you are a whale voting yourself in, you are hurting the network by running your own delegate and you are hurting yourself by consequence. Just use your holdings to vote for someone who truly cares about the status and performance of the network. You lose nothing in the long run by letting others be responsible for the network but we all lose everything if you fuck it up.

Alessio [ARK Advisor] Quote of the AMA right there

goldenpepe (biz_network) ^@toons @ravelou @Zarevok - CaliDelegate

roks0n [deadlock] screenshot this and post whenever they come out from their caves again :sweat_smile: (edited)

Matthew [ARK Team] @Drakeler [ACF] Well, I appreciate the comment but I'm not that smart, I just constantly keep learning and never stop trying to get smarter on things I don't know. There are so many times I have to ask Chris or others to dumb something down so I can map it out in my head. I've even had to have @goldenpepe (biz_network) explain things to me before to truly understand it. As far as studies, I have a formal degree in Intelligence Studies, but I also did studies (and partial degrees) in Cybersecurity, Communications, and Business. I also have countless other forms of leadership school and technical training from my time in the Air Force and my time with the Agency.

Drakeler [ACF] Your hired!

Nice list of credentials

Matthew [ARK Team] I think experience plays way more into someone's ability than credentials.

Drakeler [ACF] Would you implement something as leaving bad delegates that dont update to a no forging state?

Alessio [ARK Advisor] Yeah, like I have no formal security qualifications but hopefully my experience here has proved I can do it.

Matthew [ARK Team] @Drakeler [ACF] I think I would leave that decision up to Joshua and the core team.

Drakeler [ACF] replied to a thread:

Need to be a mix of the 2 properties i agree.

Matthew [ARK Team] and I would need a lot more information

Yeah, I have 17 years of management experience from 4 man teams to 100 person directorates doing all kinds of different things. I don't have a degree in management or business, but I've got a lot of personal experience in dealing with people, the politics, and related strategy.

I also started GPU mining in 2011 and working professionally in the industry in 2014. In crypto years, I'm a grandpa.

Alessio [ARK Advisor] Was that when GPU mining was still profitable?

Matthew [ARK Team] Almost out of time... hurry and get them in

SuperCool [SuperSkeuo] [ACF] Pizza or burgers?

Alessio [ARK Advisor] Pineapple on pizza or not?

Matthew [ARK Team] @Alessio [ARK Advisor] It was profitable for a bit. I used to spend hours per day on coinwarz and figuring out what to mind and convert to BTC. Like Doge days.

Pizza, no pineapple

SuperCool [SuperSkeuo] [ACF] :clapping:

Matthew [ARK Team] Although I love a good burger, Pizza is just the perfect food.

Alessio [ARK Advisor] @cactus1549 [Turtle Team] and @espresso [Turtle Team] [ACF] will like you now

SuperCool [SuperSkeuo] [ACF] totally agree

BrotatoChips1850 What I can say to that is that I don't miss the office politics, my philosophy is to try to help each other succeed but it doesn't always happen that way since I'm always very strong in what I do so people try to bring me down =(

Matthew [ARK Team] 2 mins... last questions

hurry get them in

Alessio [ARK Advisor] For the avoidance of doubt and for the Official Record, what _was_ THAT supposed to mean? :colbert:

Matthew [ARK Team] You are a professional pain the ass when you want to be.

That's why we love you.

Alessio [ARK Advisor] :colbert:

Please cite a suitable example :colbert:

Matthew [ARK Team] I can't it's NSFW


Alessio [ARK Advisor] @Sam [ARK Team] I have a provisional complaint :colbert:

SuperCool [SuperSkeuo] [ACF] :lul:

Matthew [ARK Team] Pain in the ass or not, I'm glad you're here.

I'm glad all of you are here.

SuperCool [SuperSkeuo] [ACF] Im glad everyone is here aswel

Matthew [ARK Team] I know it's not always easy, and that you've been on one hell of a ride with us, but we could never express our gratitude for your support of this project.

The AMA is over but thank you to everyone who showed up here today to ask questions. It shows that you care and that means a lot.

BrotatoChips1850 Thanks Matthew for taking the time to chat with us :smiley:

Matthew [ARK Team] I'd like to leave with 1 question for all of you. One that I can take back and contemplate on my end. Outside of comments like "moon" or "token value", for those of you who are here, what is the 1 thing that you wish ARK could do right now that it can't?

Matthew [ARK Team] Thank you again everyone and I look forward to doing this again!